My friend Abby and I were hanging out and spotted this cool rooftop from our friends new apartment! I wanted to play with the sharp lines and we both needed some simple lifestyle imagery for our books. Abby and I had been friends for a while but had never done a real shoot, and I’m really glad we were able to meet up for this on my last day in Portland this June.
The only overlapping time we had left was only 30 minutes during the mid day, when the light is harsh and hot (I am tempted to say it was bad) but we worked with what we had. Here are my favs!

Shot in Downtown Portland, Oregon.
images processed in Capture One Pro + light editing in Photoshop | shot on a Sony a7rii with Sigma 35 & 50mm art lenses

rollerblading and plumeria

with zoe. saturday, april 6th, 2019. boise, idaho.

she came into my room and asked me if i could help her get down the stairs into the garage because she had already put her rollerblades on in her room (haha). She also needed a helmet. She asked if I would then watch her rollerblade. I asked if I could take pictures, too. She said, of course! I was pleasantly surprised. Photos aren’t always allowed with this one. I respect that; she’s much more willing than I was as a kid.

then she picked a bouquet for mom. i had to discourage her from picking the bulbs out front. i thought mom would like those better in the ground. but the plumeria is plenty.

marfa, texas - yeah field trip!

you went to ….where?
for what? with who?

marfa texas is a small community 2 hours south east of el paso that frequently takes in visitors from all over the world who gather there, often for the arts. this year it was the site of yeah field trip, which is a 3 day conference/workshop, simply put, for photographers and other media creatives. each day had multiple time slots with different classes to choose from, taught by other creatives, on a variety of topics, from business and art direction to meditation and hands on activities like block printing and styled photoshoots. it was a magical land filled with inspiring, like minded, talented, forward thinking people, and we were all set up in this vulnerable, open, and honest space where we could discover and embraces ourselves. thats exactly what i did. i heard things in class that i only had previously thought about in my own head. my path and whwas reaffirmed. i experienced vulnerability and love. the truth that we’re all going to die united us.

i didnt focus on shooting, but of course i did so when i was compelled, but not usually when everyone else was. these photos are primarily of new friends or little moments.